Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can affect anyone, but most commonly it is genetic. Generally you will be diagnosed with high blood pressure by your GP who may refer you to see an optometrist or in some cases your Optometrist will diagnose you with high blood pressure in which case you would immediately see your GP.

A simple test called a Pupil Dilation Test  is performed to see if any noticable changes in the small blood vessels behind the eye are apparent. If a change has occurred, the optometrist will notice that the small vessels may have thickened, become narrower or even burst. If a burst vessel is seen in the eye, this can also indicate a vessel change in other parts of the body such as the kidneys and immediate treatment is necessary.

Regular eye exams by an Optometrist are highly recommended so that these blood pressure levels are monitored as well as the appropriate medication prescribed by your Doctor taken to prevent irriversable damage.

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