One thing about medical services is that they are extremely personal and this is why it is important to trust the person who is delivering them.

Well, not only am I feeling perfectly confident in the medical abilities and knowledge of Dr. Michael, but also the way in which he is “delivering the message” is very thoughtful and puts you at your ease.

A few words to summarize it would be highly professional, extremely attentive, offering a lot of support and patience – “You are the Patient, not just a patient”.

All in all, good things can happen and Dr. Michael makes it really easy, offering extremely high quality of service at the same time.

All the best and thanks again for everything.

– Professor Isabella Dobrescu


Before Michael became my optometrist, I was fitted with contact lenses by another optometrist that didn’t correct my astigmatism. When I asked why, I was told nothing could be done about it if I wanted to wear them.

I lead an active life and felt then that contact lenses would have been a better alternative than glasses. Nevertheless, I beared with it for about a month and each time I put them on, my vision skewed and it gave me bad headaches. I subsequently gave up on them and switched back to my glasses.

When I met Michael he was actually a student clinician some 18 years ago. Michael asked me at that stage if I wore contact lenses and I told him of my experience.

Michael quickly assured me that contact could correct both my vision AND astigmatism and I have never looked back since.

Michael’s appoach and enthusiasm towards eye care is very refreshing. His professional yet friendly manner is invaluable and I always feel at ease when I have my eyes checked.

I have always found Michael’s service to be so unique that I have followed his practice all around Sydney, from its inception some 17 years ago.

Thank you Michael, for being one of the best optometrists out there.

I look forward to having you look after my eyes for many years to come.

– Angeline Fong


I have been fortunate to have visited Michael Michael’s rooms for the purpose of not only having my eyes tested but to be fitted for contact lenses – a process of which I was reasonably apprehensive about.

Michael has such a wonderful open and relaxed manner and this process was made easier because of it. With a professional yet friendly attitude he explained and demonstrated every step and then with extreme patience watched my numerous futile attempts. With many kind words of explanation and support, adapting his technical advice effortlessly to the problems I was encountering, he soon had me placing and removing them like a ‘pro’ !

He was wonderfully supportive with follow up calls and did not at all mind when I had to have an extra lesson or two to maintain the skills.

His approach to, and passion and knowledge of his field is inspiring which makes the ‘job’ of being a patient a pleasant and stress free experience !

– Naomi Cray 

As a school teacher and education consultant, it is very important for me to have an optometrist who understands my individual needs in eye health and care. It is imperative that I have a professional who is honest and understanding and wiling to tailor my contact lenses to my needs.

Michael Michael has totally transformed my vision !

After poor advice from other sources which placed my eye health at risk, I feel confident that finding Michael Michael was the best thing that ever happened to my sight !

He constantly continues to evaluate his treatments and through training students, he can offer patients the ultimate care in optometry. For this I am very grateful.

Sarah – Auskids

Michael goes the extra mile to ensure all patient’s needs are taken care of with much enthusiam and professionalism. He is caring, kind, straight forward, honest and sincere.

I feel cared for and welcome from the moment I walk into the comfortable relaxing office, through the very thorough examination, right up to the time I leave. Michael offers very clear explanations nd I always leave the office with a full understanding about my eye exam.

I am confident that I am recieving the very best in eye care as Michael uses the latest information and technology available.

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone that requires eye care.

– Fiona Macgregor


I just wanted to say thanks again for looking after my family yet again with the last minute rush on glasses and contact lenses.

Your service and personal attention are all first class.

My friends and colleagues are still amazed why after 10 years we still travel so far to see an optometrist in Kensington…………..the answer is simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– George Georgiou


During the past 10 years we have been “seeing” Michael Michael, who has provided us with an excellent eye care service.

We have always found Michael to provide a professional service and he conveys a genuine interest in his clients.

– Sandra and Michael Smith


Just a quick note thanking you for all your years of great professionalism and personal service for my wife Maria and myself.

Becoming the Kensington replacement for the indomitable Eleni Malanos was always going to be challenge but you have achieved this with hard work and superior customer focus.

Your prompt and kind service is always appreciated and we look forward to many more years of continuing our relationship, including experiencing your updated (and always interesting) diagnostic tools and latest products.

With all kind regards,

– Maria and Steve Mulley 


Michael has been looking after my vision for more than 5 years. He has fitted me with glasses numerous times and more recently with contact lenses.

Michael always assess my eyes very carefully and always gives me the right advice.

With Michael, I know my vision is in good hands.

– Lauren Ashurst


Michael has been looking after my family and I for the last 8 years. He has always provided professional, reliable and friendly service.

I am very happy to recommend Michael Michael for all optometry services.

– Dr Dinesh Patel

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